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Inground Spa Covers

Spa Covers

Merlin Industries, Inc.

Manufacturers of The Worlds Finest Pool and Spa Products

Preserve your spa and conserve energy with a professional spa cover engineered to protect your investment and your loved ones.

Our professional spa covers offer secure protection for your family while providing high energy-efficiency and lasting protection against the elements and UV rays. There are 4 Levels of Excellence, in our Spa Cover Lineup: Economy, Standard, Deluxe, and Ultra! We have you covered!

Spa Cover Special!

Free delivery, on any Spa Cover within 25 miles!

Spa Covers start at $299.99. Please call us, for more details.

Every detail and component of our covers is expertly designed and crafted to meet or exceed industry specifications.

Quality features built into every Custom Spa Cover:

  1. Heat-Sealed Vapor Wrap
  2. Reinforced Padded Handles
  3. Hold-Down Straps with Locking Buckles
  4. Double Skirt Retains Heat and Protects Fiberglass Spa Lip from Fading
  5. A Super-Strong 3” Galvanized Steel C-Channel Adds Superior Strength to the Cover’s Center
  6. 2 Large Heat Seals Lock in Heat and Lower Operating Costs
  7. Heavy-Duty Nylon Zipper
  8. Highest Quality Domestic Vinyl with UV, Chlorine and Weather Resistant Finish

Whether your spa is standard or an in-ground masterpiece, we have you covered!
Available Colors:

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